Beautiful iPhone 6 concept published, looks like an iPod nano [video]

Federico Ciccarese, of ciccaresedesign has been busy at it again. The well-known iDevice concept design has turned his attention towards the iPhone 6, and re-imagined both the hardware and software design. Unlike every other iPhone up until now, it doesn’t have a home key. Instead, the front is dominated by a 16:9 ratio widescreen display, with the earpiece and FaceTime camera at the front.

The two tone black/metal finish is very similar to the 7th generation iPod nano, and I’m really liking the rounded edges and maximum use of all the little space available. Check out the video below:

One thing that’s immediately clear is that the device contains a whole host of OS X app icons, presumably indicating that he thinks there will eventually be an even more blurred line between the Mac and iDevice operating systems.

Overall, I love the look, and would happily show it off to my friends (plus a few strangers). What do you think? Do you like the Ciccarese line of thinking?

Via: iDB
Source: ciccaresedesign

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  • Ammyt


  • randomprice

    Looks like a Nokia phone.

  • MaeganBabcock

    I like it except for the lack of a home button.  I’m not sure how you’d get out of apps and such.

  • Jasper

    More like a Nokia concept. But Apple would sue anyway. And probably win.

  • Nokia……

  • pld940

    I would love for iOS 7 to be more of a mix of iOS and Mac OSX, but not that much…Also, I don’t like the design. I like Apple’s “rectangle” because it is just not started to get copied….

  • pld940

    not=now and started=starting

  • KyleFrost

    I will refuse to update if that is what iOS 7 ends up looking like. I highly doubt it ever will, though. I like the rounded icons. They are clean. Those just look cluttered.

  • pseagraves

    @MaeganBabcock most likely gestures.  Just like the iPads use

  • Guest911

    @Ammyt Aaah, Sarah Palin is now commenting on the site!

  • pld940

    @KyleFrost Same… kinda

  • Lesbian

    How do you get to the home screen? Looks hideous and looks exactly like the lumias. I’d never buy that shit. As usual cam has no taste for anything. He would buy an iCrap if apple made it.

  • MatteoRodrigo

    And here starts all the rumors that will get clicks for the websites until the next iPhone is released.  Yesterday it was an iphone5s with multiple colors and sizes…Wouldnt pay attention to any of them until we see whats released or at least get much closer to the date where some analysts get the most accurate info

  • MatteoRodrigo

    @Lesbian I dont have an iphone; I have a Mac and an Android for now…But if you hate this site and Apple so much , why are you visiting t his blog devoted to iphones.

  • Joshua

    I’m sure this will be a “fanboy” comment, but is this not reminiscent of the Nokia Lumia design language?

  • pseagraves

    @randomprice I completely agree

  • KevinHalterman

    Looks like what a Lumia 900 and iPhone 5 had a baby.

  • AppleNerd

    Looks too much like a Nokia Lumia, Apple would be dumb to release a phone looking like this. It would fuel the Apple “hater fire”.