Apple and Amazon told to attempt settlement in “app store” case

In 2011, Amazon caused a stir when it launched its “Appstore for Android”. Apple – as you’d expect – took issue with the “appstore” part of the name, claiming it was an infringement on its trademark (which it doesn’t currently own in the States). Having named its online content portal, Amazon then changed the name to a more concise: “Amazon Appstore”, further irritating Cupertino in the process.

Now, Judge Laporte has ordered the two companies to seek settlement and not take it to court for resolution. The companies’ legal teams have to meet on March 21st to negotiate, before spending countless amounts on a full court case.

In Europe, Apple owns the rights to “App Store” and “Appstore”, hence why Amazon hasn’t released a service with that name across the pond. So, thankfully, we shouldn’t be seeing any of this rigmarole where I live.

Source: Bloomberg


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