Analyst: Apple’s Q1 2013 call should be given another look



Apple’s recent earnings call was followed by a sharp decline of stock prices due to a lot of negativity surrounding it. However, analyst Ben Reitzes of Barclays thinks that the call should be given another look. His main point to be focused on was the cash flow at Apple, and it certainly has a lot of it. He also believes that Apple will be releasing new Macs and iPads sometime around April, which would fall in line with previous years, especially for the iPad. Also on the agenda, he said that Apple could be doing a preview event of the next version of iOS. This isn’t unlike Apple as, if you remember before iOS 4 was released, it held an event to talk about the features coming in iOS 4. Following along with most of the rumors, there was also talk of two new iPhones coming later this year. This falls in line with what many other rumors have said. Overall, it seems that Apple investors may be overlooking what is to come from the company, and that the negativity is all unnecessary.

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Via: AppleInsider

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