9.7″ iPad display orders being cut too?


According to yet another report from Reuters, Apple has asked Sharp to slow down production of its 9.7″ display panels. It’s a similar tale to one we heard earlier this month, in that alleged “weak demand” had caused Cupertino to half its original estimated order of iPhone 5 displays for the first quarter of 2013.

It’s assumed that the iPad mini is the main reason behind these cuts. It seems many consumers are opting for the benefit of portability and low price over a high resolution display. It could just be the difference between buying patterns in the holiday season over the early months of the year.

It’s important to note, that none of Apple’s other display manufacturers have had to slow down their production. Just Sharp. Despite reaching out to Apple, Samsung and LG, Reuters got no response or any kind of confirmation on exact figures.

Another attempt at bringing AAPL stock down before the earnings call next week? Probably.

Via: Reuters

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