7 years in prison is the sentence for Jobs’ home burglar


Remember back when Steve Jobs’s old home was burglarized, and some $60,000 in computers and other gadgets were stolen? Well, today that has come to and end, as the man who was caught and charged with the crime has just been sentenced – to 7 years in prison. Over in the Santa Clara Superior Court, Kariem McFarlin, 35, was the person responsible. He was caught at home days after the robbery with help from Apple and AT&T, as each could track the devices using different services. It was shown that the devices were accessing the internet from McFarlin’s home, where officers later found contained stolen property from other robberies.

On November 21st, he plead guilty to the robberies before receiving the sentence. He, during the case, admitted to the robbery of “hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property.” That’s a lot. All of it was found at his home in Alameda and in a storage locker. Jobs had lived at the home that was burglarized up until his passing in 2011. The home was under renovation, and therefore was unoccupied. It was an easy target for McFarlin.

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Via: Cult of Mac, Palo Alto Online


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