Top 5 Stories of the Week: Steve Jobs’ invalidated patent, Apple’s childish lawsuits and more…

We post dozens of articles each week, ranging from news and rumors to accessory reviews and videos. You could be forgiven for missing one or two. So, each week I round up the ones that have become most popular over the past 7 days. Check out what was interesting this week:

1. U.S. Patent Office invalidates “Steve Jobs” patent

This news was the latest of the lot, and yet it dragged my eyeballs from across the web than any other story all week. The infamous “boy have we patented it” comment made during the original iPhone announcement turned out to be null and void as the USPO invalidated Apple’s multi-touch patent. Read more.

2.Google’s Schmidt: Apple’s business practice not “the adult way”

Eric Schmidt, one of Google’s chiefs, came out with a slightly underhanded comment regarding Apple’s business practices, especially in regards to the suing culture. His confusion was mostly that instead of suing Google directly, Apple has been beating around the bush and suing each OEM directly. Read more.

3. Leaked “iPhone 5S” rear housing shows up – some subtle differences noted

Yep. The leaks and rumors for the next generation of iPhones have started already. The latest showed some leaked rear housing for what is presumed to be the iPhone 5S. It looks very similar, but there are some notable differences on the inside. Read more.

4. Yet another cool iOS concept shows up, makes Lock Screen much more useful

We’ve seen some really great iOS concepts recently, with all of them coming from some very talented designers over at TheVerge’s forums. This week’s choice showed a much more useful way of laying out the lock screen and building in access to your most used apps. Read more.

5. What can Apple learn from Windows Phone 8?

Stephen laid out his thoughts on the ways that iOS could be improved by taking a leaf out of WP8’s book. The latest successful addition to the smartphone platform market place has gained much praise from tech bloggers and journalists, but has failed to capture the heart of the average consumer in the same way that Android and iOS have. Read more.



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  • So, each week I round up the ones that have become most popular over the past 7 days.