Stephen’s 2012 Holiday Wish List

As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, the Today’s iPhone crew have all been tasked with compiling their 2012 holiday wishlists. So far, we’ve had entries from our managing editor Cam, and Kyle Frost. So now it’s my turn, I’ve tried to keep things reasonably sensible, but I’m still a child at heart, so lets see what I’ve pulled out of the bag this year…

House of Marley ‘Get Up Stand Up’: Speaker Dock

House of Marley ‘Get Up Stand Up’: Speaker Dock $349.99

Inspired by one of music’s all time greats, The House of Marley is committed to delivering premium quality, earth-friendly products that embody Bob Marley’s vision. There ‘Get Up Stand Up’ speaker dock is the coolest, best looking, best sounding speaker dock I’ve ever laid eyes on.

The dock features twin 1″ tweeters, twin 4.5″ HD woofers and a powerful amp for immense sound. The structure is made of FSC certified Birch Wood, which, whilst being very attractive to look at and having a fantastic texture, is harvested and used in a sustainable, eco-friendly way. It’s also got an international power supply which means it can be used connected to any power sources from 100-240VAC. The Get Up Stand Up oozes cool, and for $350 (£200), it’s not the most expensive choice out there. Out now in the UK and coming soon to the USA!

Cobra iHelicopter

Cobra iHelicopter

When I was originally asked to do this, one of my immediate gift ideas was the A.R Drone 2.0, sadly, the devious and cunning Kyle Frost jumped the gun and stole my idea. Being British, I had an even more cunning and devious backup plan, the Cobra iHelicopter. Based on the  Bell AH-1 Cobra, which you may know as the Huey from Call of Duty Black Ops, this iPhone controlled helicopter comes with a durable body and stability features to make it easier to fly. It’s small, light, fun… okay, let’s cut to the chase. It fires missiles. For real. Shipping with 6 plastic rockets, this toy, with a little DIY warhead assembly, should give me the firepower I need to shoot down Kyle’s silly quadrotor parrot thing.




Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Cinema Kit

Zacuto Zgrip iPhone Cinema Kit (Link to iPhone grip pro only)

I’ve always wanted to dabble in film-making, and whilst my iPhone can shoot 1080p video, it’s not quite cinema material. The Zgrip from Zacuto turns your iPhone into a professional video rig, it features the Zgrip iPhone pro to keep your iPhone steady and stable, giving you the best image possible. To complete the kit, you’ll also need Zacuto’s articulating arm, and the Z-Finder Pro. Coming in at a grand total of $894, it should probably include the phone too…


iPhone Boom Mic

iPhone Boom Mic

Now, shooting cinema quality video is no good, if I don’t have some banging audio to go along with it. Measuring just 4 inches, the Boom Mic brings professional audio to your iPhone. Connected via the headphone jack, it’s totally adjustable. It’s runs on just one AAA battery, and has settings for ‘near’ and ‘far’ recording. For example, I could use the far setting to film an iHelicopter shooting down an A.R Drone, and then the near setting to interview an upset Kyle Frost shortly afterwards. You can’t say fairer than forty bucks either…

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad & iPhone

Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard for iPad & iPhone

From the farthest reaches of nerd-dom, I bring you the Cube Laser Virtual Keyboard. This incredible device fits in the palm of your hand, but it projects a full size laser keyboard onto any flat surface. It has a mouse mode too, and connects to your device via Bluetooth. Granted, that brings the battery life down a little, but you’ll still be good for 150 minutes of continuous typing.  It’s got a detection rate of 400 characters per minute, assuming the average word is five letters long, you’ll max out at 80wpm, which for me is just fine.  This item is currently on sale for $117, or £72, all things, considered, that’s actually very cheap.


So there you have it! My 2012 holiday wish list. All I need to do now is clean the house from top-to-bottom, and then present this list to my parents. Wish me luck…



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