Russian iTunes launch doesn’t go smoothly, software displaying adverts for pornography sites

Apple launched its iTunes Store for movies and music in Russia yesterday, and already, the software has been infected with bugs. The glitch is particularly¬†embarrassing for Apple when you discover what the software glitch is. Essentially, it’s showing pornography websites to iTunes users under the “more films in different languages” section of the store.

The bug is currently being put down to the possibility that Apple put a temporary link in iTunes of, and not taken it out. Much to Apple’s dismay, the site exists, and has added a whole layer of inappropriateness to the company’s famous digital content store.

The iTunes Store is now experiencing global outages, presumably to fix the horrific (and slightly funny) software glitch. At the moment, we don’t know whether this is specifically because of the problem in Russia, or if the same bug has been reported in other countries too.


Via 9to5Mac

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