Rumor: Next iPad Mini to feature high-res display

If you’ve used a 4th-gen iPad and then used the iPad Mini, you probably had to look twice due to the resolution. The Retina display on the “new iPad” is absolutely stunning and many people were surprised at the lack of it on the Mini. That was a deciding factor in purchasing it for many people. Well if you were one of those, then this next rumor is for you.

According to Digitimes, the next iteration of the iPad Mini is going to feature a high-res display. Now Digitimes’ sources fail to say whether it will have a Retina display on board, but it’s definitely on the wish list.

This isn’t a hugely surprising rumor mainly because if Apple didn’t put a Retina display on the first iPad Mini, you can almostĀ guaranteeĀ that the next one will. With every other iDevice having a Retina display, even the iMacs, it would be a huge hit in Apple’s profit margins if they failed to bump the screen up to the companies own standard.

What are your thoughts? Did the lack of a higher-res display keep you from getting a Mini? Comment down below and let us know.

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  • A1iRaja

    Absolutely! I was very disappointed that I didn’t come with Retina Display and had older specs from iPad 2. Hopefully, the next Gen Mini will come with 4th Gen iPad specs or better.