Maps issue in Australia gets fixed after complaints

As I’m sure you all heard about, there was a slight problem for Maps occurring in Australia. Slight problem of course being an understatement as the Australian authorities called it a “life threatening” situation. The problem has since been corrected, says The Guardian. Previously, Maps would direct users to a place labeled “Mildura” when the real Mildura was quite far away (see above). The problem, as stated earlier, has been fixed now though. While Maps still has a label on the “wrong Mildura” it no longer gives directions to there, and instead gives directions to the appropriate area.

What do you think? Should this have even happened? Have you given up on Maps? Let us know in the comments.

Via: TechnoBuffalo, The Guardian

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  • DrewPage

    This is certainly disturbing. I personally have had no problem with maps, but many others have. I am unsure what made apple think they could create a map app out of thin air. It’s taken google many years of database building to get where they are. Apple should have held maps back until next year, or maybe even 2014. It would have been much more complete and more well received.