Kyle’s Top 5: Apps for Last Minute Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is here, and that means some shopping needs to be done. If you find yourself running a little behind, or wish to shop in a quicker more convenient way, I’ve got some apps that you should take a look at. Each has its ups and downs, so I’ve put them in a Top 5 list, check it out below. (Hint: Clicking the App name will direct you to the App Store page. All are free!)

1. Amazon

What does Amazon not have? Exactly. You can get almost anything you want on Amazon, making it the top of my list for best holiday shopping apps. You can get things for book worms, tech obsessives, and everything in between. The mobile app is a great way to access Amazon’s plethora of content. You can easily search for products, even using the Camera to scan barcodes in order to check what the price of a specific item is compared to the online site. Also, if you have an account on its site, you can easily keep a cart and wish list synced between the web and your iOS device. If you know what someone wants, but have waited until last minute to do shopping, I highly recommend trying out Amazon Mobile.







2. eBay

This one to me is a no brainer, just as Amazon was. When you think of online shopping, you can’t go without mentioning eBay. The famous “online marketplace” is great for holiday shopping, if you know how to use it. If going this route, I recommend not bidding, as this may cause either: a) You won’t win, then still are trying to shop, or b) The bidding may go too long and the item won’t get to you in time for the holidays. I recommend just doing either “Buy It Now” items or even looking into the different “shops” that eBay plays host to. If you look through eBay’s mobile app you can find the different shops that even include an Apple Certified store. This is a great way to get something for almost any kind of person.







3. Apple

Apple’s mobile app is really a full featured offering of what you can do online. You can search the store quickly from the main page, and for the holidays it even added a “Holidays” tab at the bottom. How convenient? You can order anything that is available on Apple’s normal store site, including third party accessories and more. The app also let’s you do the free engraving straight from within the app so you can add a little touch of personalization, and then on checkout includes the option to add gift wrapping, just as the full site does. If you’d prefer to go into a store, this app also let’s you find the nearest Apple store to your location. It really provides a great experience for shopping on the go. Did I mention everything in the Holiday tab is free shipping? It’s great.






4. Best Buy

Assuming you are buying something for a techie (seeing as you are reading an iOS centric site), you will love Best Buy. Though I do have my pet peeves about its mobile experience (please update for the iPhone 5 already!), it does offer a great way to purchase items from the retail giant. Best Buy has usually been my goto store for tech products. I am a tech obsessive myself (read my @TiP_Kyle bio) and Best Buy has always been my place of choice when looking for something new to play with. I can’t go anywhere without visiting the local Best Buy (or Apple Store). Like Apple’s mobile app, you can even search for a local store if you’d prefer to pick it up in store rather than have them ship it to your house. Like Amazon’s mobile app, you can also search for products by scanning a bar code. You also can keep your Cart synced across the web and any mobile devices if you have an account. This app really does everything you could ask for if shopping through Best Buy, so it had to make the list.



5. Target

Some may be wondering, why Target, and no Walmart? Well, simply because Target has a much better mobile experience. Those in the US will know what Target is (apparently, unless you live in Vermont that is), and I personally love its selection of products. You can get things from clothes to iPads here. It too features the ability to scan bar codes to check prices at its stores, and also includes the syncing of carts when you sign up for a free account. One thing that I also love about Target is it includes Passbook integration. You can look for coupons to your local Target store and add them to Passbook (another reason this beat Walmart). So if you are interested in using Passbook to get deals at your local store, I highly recommend giving Target a try.






What are your top apps this holiday season? I’d love to know! Leave a comment below, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle with your app recommendations for the holiday season, and have a happy holidays!

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  • Or wish to shop in a quicker more convenient way, I’ve got some apps that you should take a look at.