Is Google Maps a good or bad thing for Apple? Apparently, it’s both

Yesterday, Google launched its long-awaited Google Maps application onto Apple’s App Store (and thousands cheered), and already analysts are wondering whether Apple will benefit from Google’s new app. Needham’s Charlie Wolf reckons that Google has more to gain from its maps application, however, many are already saying that it has repaired the bad image of iOS 6, so many consumers may move over to iOS from their current devices.

But the move to Google Maps could cause Apple’s Maps to die a premature death, as Wolf explains:

“Users’ input is critical in improving the quality of the application, and Apple will now receive less feedback on its own Maps app,”

Although we all hate Apple’s Maps, I really hope it doesn’t die, it has real potential in its 3D mapping, and it would be a real shame if it were to simply fade away.


Via: BGR

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  • I do feel you… The 3D thing is awesome .. I live in India.. There is no street view neither the flyover thingy over here.. I wish apple and google will do something about this.
    Apple should add many more things to apple maps at least when it launches the next iOS or else it surely is goon to fail HARD.