Are Apple and Intel working on an iWatch?

If you were someone that had the iPod nano (6th generation) then you know how many watch-like accessories were made for it. Some were slightly disappointed, as they thought that maybe Apple would take the queues and make an official iWatch when instead the design was completely redone. According to a new rumor, those seeking an Apple made watch may not be too far off, as it suggests the fruit company may be in the process of building a smart watch.

This rumor is very far-fetched, however. According to the source, Intel is involved. Last I check, a smart watch wouldn’t need a very powerful processor, so why Intel? Not only that, but as iDownloadBlog points out, Apple is trying to bring silicon fabrication in-house, so why go to Intel for such a thing as a smart watch? I wouldn’t mind a device that could connect to my phone and I could do basic tasks such as read texts, use Siri, and view my missed call/email count without taking the phone out of my pocket. Hopefully Apple sees a market for this, but this rumor doesn’t sound like the one.

What do you think? Interested in an iWatch device? What would you pay for something like this? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: iDownloadBlog, MobileGeeks

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  • GodsPrince

    @TodaysiPhone #HadOne #WantIt!

  • ahamchi

    @TodaysiPhone Sony smartwatch, imwatch, pebble, etc, etc.

  • DowCo1

    I would like one of these, no doubt.  I currently use my iPod as such.  I would gladly pay b/w $100-200 for one. @BobbyPereiraP @DannyRodri