High demand forces iDevice suppliers to work through Chinese New Year

News about the manufacturing companies that supply us with Apple’s premium devices is usually sketchy at best, even more so in the wake of endless controversy surrounding the ethical decisions of the companies involved. However, reports today are suggesting that two of Apple’s major Chinese suppliers, Hon Hai Precision Industries (Foxconn) and Flexium Interconnect will be operating throughout the Chinese New Year in order to meet demand for Apple’s products.

For as long as I can remember, Apple has struggled to meet the demands of customers, with shipping times of new devices rocketing following the release of a new device. Reports from Taiwan’s United Daily News claim that despite the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations, both Foxconn and Flexium will be keeping some of its production lines open and operational.

The holiday, which beings on February 10 is the most important in the Chinese calendar, but the move isn’t unprecedented. In 2011 Pegatron offered employees triple pay to work over the same period, sadly, there seems to be no reports of any raises this year.


Via: Apple Insider

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