Halo 4 is on the App Store! Oh, wait… No it’s a fake

Apple’s famous App Store application shut down is about to start and there’s never been a more perfect time to try and squeeze some fake/scammed titles on to iTunes. If you head on over now you’ll see two apps claiming to be Halo 4 ports for the iPhone. What you’ll find instead (upon paying and downloading) is a couple of really poor games. One is a racing simulator the other is chess. All for just $4.99. Good job the App Store has an easy to use try-before-you-buy service. (Yes, that last one was sarcasm.)

In all seriousness, this article is here to warn you not to pay for either of these apps. My guess is that Apple will remove them soon, but until then, don’t be fooled in to thinking that Halo has finally crossed a platform border. You will not be pleased at having to spend five bucks on an app masquerading as a popular XBox title. Because of the seriousness of this scam, I will not be posting a link to the iTunes page. Just be warned.

Via: TechCrunch

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