eBay Apple Store offers big discounts on Apple products, grab an Apple TV for $85 or an iPod touch for $129

Not long ago, an Apple Store was discovered on eBay, selling refurbished Apple products at low prices. Apple has been using this outlet as a way to sell off its refurbs, and has been described as “a low profile Apple test site that could open to much bigger things”.

Now, it looks as though the eBay store has been working rather well for Apple, because the folks over in Cupertino are lopping significant chunks off of the price of their devices. For example, an Apple TV retails for $99, but you can pick up the same device, refurbished by Apple for just $85.

And it’s the same story with many products, the most notable deals being iPod touches from $129, and 13″ MacBook Airs for just $919. However, possibly the best deal is a 32GB Retina iPad (3rd gen) for just $469, an absolute steal considering the same device would have cost you $599 not two months ago.

If you fancy getting your teeth into these awesome deals, then I suggest you head over to Apple’s eBay store soon, because with it being the holidays, these offers won’t be around for long.


Via: 9to5Mac

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  • ToniMansbridge

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