Curved glass still on the horizon for iDevices?

A recent report claims that Apple has been granted rights to start a new production method for creating high-quality curved glass. The patent covers glass created for both small and larger electronics devices. In theory, Cupertino’s designers and engineers could incorporate it all across its range of products from iPhones and iPads all the way up to its largest Thunderbolt display.

What’s more interesting is that this process has been investigated not necessarily to create Galaxy Nexus style shapes, but rather to decrease waste and increase productivity in the manufacturing plants. The method used at the moment involves heating glass up incredibly quickly, which is great for larger and thicker panes but pretty inefficient for smaller and thinner pieces. Apple’s new process involves changing the glass’ position and angle. AppleInsider reports:

“…Apple’s patented process hinges on a alignment system that’s configured to move away from the glass as the temperature increases during the slumping process, as opposed to an alignment system that remains affixed to the material throughout the entire process. In this way, the glass is free to bend around the mold without interference — a method Apple says will allow it to produce higher quality, thinner convex glass more safely and cost effectively.”

With Apple’s recent history of creating flat and square devices, it seems unlikely that the company would go along the curved glass route, but it is nevertheless a possibility. It’s important to note that Cupertino’s patent filing team often do so to protect itself from future lawsuits, but, it is interesting still to see the lines along which Apple is thinking for new design changes in the near or distant future.

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Via: AppleInsider

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    Never heard of this company “Cupertino”. Do you mean APPLE?!