Chillingo making some apps free for holidays

Holiday sales are everywhere. From in store discounts to online mark-offs, the App Store is a great place to look in order to find some great sales on software this holiday season. In face, Chillingo Ltd, makers of many games including Cut the Rope, has just released a list of games that it will be putting on sale for the holiday season. For a limited time, the 15 apps listed below will be on sale in the App Store, so if you are interested, click the corresponding link and get to downloading!

Chillingo is celebrating the season of giving with a sale of its Best Games of 2012.

For a limited time, Chillingo’s 15 titles below will be free to download on the App Store including the critically acclaimed ORC: Vengeance, Storm the Train, Word Derby, Madcoaster and more!

Whether you receive a shiny new iOS device during the holidays or need some quality gaming to tide you through the festivities, Chillingo’s Best of 2012 has got you covered.


ORC: Vengeance: $2.99 > FREE

With stunning visuals, a narrative-driven campaign, and deep engaging combat, ORC: Vengeance is one of the year’s most loved dungeon crawlers. That’s why it’s a must-have gift for gamers!

App Store:


Endless Road: $0.99 > FREE

Put your skills to the test in one of 2012’s most visually unique endless runners. Explore this artisticly-crafted road where branching paths take you through a world that builds itself before your eyes and falls apart in your rear-view mirror.

App Store:


Pony Trails: $0.99 > FREE

Saddle up and explore a portable getaway on horseback. Explore scenic trails, snap pictures of the wildlife, and care for your trusty steed in this adorable and pleasantly relaxing pony-sim.

App Store:


Sky Hero: $0.99 >FREE

Fall valiantly from a top your fortress and save your honor from a surprise attack! Steer messenger John past deadly saws, cannons, bombs, and fiery bosses in this endless faller.

App Store:


Commando Jack: $0.99 > FREE

Lock and load for the year’s most explosive, gun-totting game. Lead Commando Jack and his troops into battle to save the world from an alien invasion — now updated with even more modes, levels, weapons and much more.

App Store:


Spice Bandits: FREE

Spice up your holiday with this seasonal tower defense treat. Protect your ship as your alien crew mines for spice in over 55 levels. Break out into an all-out war with 8 player online battles.

App Store:


Storm The Train: FREE

Deck the halls with guns and ammo. Storm the Train won fans over this year with its all-action rampages and relentless firepower. Now updated with even more challenges, there’s no better time to hop aboard.

App Store:


Zooniverse: FREE

Build and manage the zoo of your dreams. Maintain your park by opening attractions tailored to each visitor and combine species to create exciting new hybrids.

App Store:


Super Knights: FREE

Addictive, colorful, and downright fun, Super Knights is the perfect slice of pick up and play gaming. Master the grappling mechanic and go on a glorious quest to grab as many gems as you can fill your suit of armor with. Oh, and try and save some princesses on the way.

App Store:


Critter Escape: FREE

Help this critter escape this holiday in the App Store’s cutest stealth game – now even more festive! Find Gift Boxes in over 120 levels now blanketed in thick white snow.

App Store:


Word Derby Free: FREE

Keep in touch with your friends this holiday and challenge them to a game of Word Derby. Meet up at the starting gate and race in this cartoony asynchronous multiplayer word game for up to three players.

App Store:


Madcoaster: FREE

Go on a bumpy ride through the artic, Egyptian deserts and tropical rainforests in Madcoaster, one of 2012’s most addictive platformers. Steer an out of control rollercoaster through madly designed courses and collection coins to top your high scores.

App Store:


Pocket Festival: FREE

Relive those summer festival memories with Pocket Festival, a music event designed by you. Book the best bands, attract the biggest crowds, play tracks from your own music library, and keep the festivities rolling.

App Store:


Air Vacation: FREE

Take to the skies in Air Vacation, your own flying paradise. Travel the world in your fully customizable Airship Hotel and keep your guests with on-board nightclubs and golf courses.

App Store:


The Last Driver: FREE

Prepare for the impending apocalypse with this post-apocalyptic driving game. Get behind the wheel of your car and speed through a ravaged cityscape battling robots, dinosaurs, natural disasters, and try to survive the end of the world.

App Store:

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