BlackBerry 10 L-Series caught on video alongside iPhone 5 [video]

YouTube channel, Tinhte, has a history of leaking pre-release smartphones. In the past, it leaked the iPhone 4S and 4, both times proving accurate. This time around, it’s got its hands on the L-Series BlackBerry phone. Design-wise, it’s a black rounded rectangle with a large touchscreen with camera and flash on the rear. The vlogger – right towards the end of the video – grabs his iPhone 5 to show the two side-by-side.

Although I’m a huge iOS fan, I also have a soft spot for BlackBerry (always have done). Although I’m not very optimistic, I sincerely hope all of RIM’s work over the past year or two pays off and that the relaunch of the BlackBerry brand and operating system helps boost their market presence further. I’d hate to see the company disappear for good.

Would a great phone from BlackBerry tempt you away from your iPhone?

Via: iMore

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