Artwizz Leather Pouch for iPhone 5 sets a high standard for the leather case market [Review VID]

Cam reviews the Leather Pouch by Artwizz. It’s his personal favorite style of iPhone case, offering protection, style and is easy to remove your iPhone from thanks to an elasticated pull tab.

Product link:,_black/a-383

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  • Concilliance

    It seems very nice but it lack one crucial component, it definitely needs a belt clip.

  • TiP_Cam

    @Concilliance I have to disagree, who uses a belt clip? I’d hate that personally.

  • Concilliance

    @TiP_Cam @Concilliance I currently use a life proof case with the belt holster. I use my phone probably more than most , for business, I personally need quick access to my device, so for me a side mounted apparatus is crucial.

  • Javieroalltes
  • It is so good~