Apple Maps not the only one giving dangerous directions, so is Google

Remember how earlier today, we reported about Samsung poking fun at Apple Maps? I’m sure you also remember the whole Australian Maps dilemma as well. Well, today Australian police issued a similar warning over Google Maps. That’s right, Google Maps. Apparently, the Mountain View’s version of Maps has created a “a significant issue for tourists and locals” by sending them down a one-way road not built for heavy traffic. That doesn’t sound too good. I find this quite ironic, seeing as everyone on the other side of the fence exploded over the Apple Maps warning.

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Via: CNET, Yahoo

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  • SkyPira

    No. A road “not built for heavy traffic” is not nearly as dangerous as apple maps leading you to a place without food, water, or cellular signal. A life threatening danger is far more risky than a simple inconvenience.

  • Person

    I have gps units built specifically for guiding me that takes me the wrong way down one way roads.  If this is the only problem, then well done google.

  • How is this the same. The road is still made for traffic, maybe no heavy traffic, but still traffic. Also, it is getting you to the right place, were Apple’s map took you to a place with no one around, no water and full of dangerous animals.

  • roboguy12

    Directing people down a street that can cause traffic buildups is a mere inconvenience, not dangerously misleading. This isn’t even close to a comparable issue.

  • JavierDelgado

    ohh my god!!! i found a black point in the salt shaker o__o

  • LoganFindlater

    I don’t think these can be called similar issues. Almost die using Apple maps or be slightly late to some place using Google Maps. Hmmmmm that’s a tough one

  • MuhammadMarsh

    Did anyone come close to losing their lives going down that road meant for lighter traffic? If not, then this is a very minor issue which wasn’t even worth mentioning along side the recent apple maps fiasco.

  • The other side of the fence exploded over the Apple Maps warning.

  • rnupetroop

    No not funny at all, what’s funny? -Thanks everyone, not the same issue. I’m in here to make sure no-one was hurt but I know now someone getting hurt or close to being hurt is a laughing matter, here…Wow!