Apple made to pay writers over Chinese eBook Copyright debate

Today it has emerged that Apple will have to pay compensation to a group of Chinese writers following its involvement in the unlawful distribution of copyrighted works.

The news comes after a group of writers sued Apple for around 10 million yuan in damages over claims that the U.S. company had sold unlicensed copies of their books online. Confusingly, Apple isn’t really the party at fault here. The perpetrators are actually the publishers in the App Store who were using copyrighted content in their apps. Because Apple is responsible for all the content that is published on the App Store, the court has deemed that Apple is indeed responsible for the slip up. As a result, Apple will be made to pay just over 1 million yuan, $165,000 to the group.

Apple were faced with a similar ruling in September when it was made to pay half a million yuan to a Chinese encyclopaedia publisher for a similar offence.


Via: Cult of Mac

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