Apple is now tracking 1 million workers’ hours

As part of Apple’s efforts in bettering the conditions of working in factories that product Apple products, Apple has a page set up specifically for watching how it is being handled. Updated monthly is the chart above, where it shows the percent of work weeks in a given month that complied with Apple’s “Code of Conduct.” For this data, it recently began tracking 1 million workers, twice what it was before. Here is the explanation on the site:

Going deep into our supply chain, we now follow weekly supplier data for over 1,000,000 workers. In November 88 percent of workweeks were less than the 60-hour maximum specified in Apple’s code of conduct. In limited peak periods, we allow work beyond the 60 hour limit for those employees that volunteer to do so.

It is certainly good to see that Apple is working on this, and making it more accurate by keeping track on additional workers. There has been criticism over the factories in China for years, really picking up the last one or two. Seeing that Apple is being proactive in helping definitely can’t hurt it.

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Via: Apple

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