Analysts: iPhone and iPad in higher demand than anticipated

Coming as a surprise to analysts, the iPhone and iPad have maintained popularity and demand this year. Morgan Stanley had estimates of the iPad’s share dropping below 50%, however it stayed above that with ease. With many other devices beginning to meet or beat the iPhone, none have been strong enough to rid consumers of the desire they’ve acquired for Apple products. Especially the mobile ones. Katy Huberty had this to say:

Despite concerns to the contrary, iPhone and iPad demand remain strong. C4Q US iPhone purchase intentions beat our forecast. Stable 50% iPad share also surprised us, despite our modeled drop next year.

Other statistics that were found to be surprising or welcome include a 33% growth in customers preferring the better yet more expensive iPhone compared to the older models, iPad cannibalization by the iPad mini has been overblown, with 47% of iPad mini purchasers being new iPad owners, and Apple isn’t losing marketshare to Samsung, as instead Samsung’s newly acquired growth is coming from other Android OEMs. With mobile devices all the rage this holiday season, Apple sits in a prime position as it holds some of the most wanted products in the world.

One of those surprising statistics was that of the higher-end iPhone growth (graph above). More iPhone buyers are choosing the newer model (currently the iPhone 5) than they were last year (then the iPhone 4S). This could be attributed to a number of different things, but one thing this points out is that consumers are more and more becoming comfortable with purchasing a more expensive product, if it’s better.

What do you think? What side of the numbers are you on? Interested if this will have an effect on stock? Let us know in the comments, or tweet me @TiP_Kyle.


Via: Fortune, AppleInsider

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  • healeydave

    I’m with the higher end demographic, I cycle my iDevice product line every new launch.
    I like to have the latest tech and if your in that circle, you get the best value of your expenditure if you buy on launch day. The only area where that has changed, is I opted for the iPad Mini as a replacement for my iPad3 and will continue to buy iPad Mini’s now until Apple can get the iPad as thin as the Mini. I loved e Retina display but hated the weight and chunky form factor of the iPad. The first gen iPad felt better that the last two generations!