Want external LED notifications on your iPhone? Try the myLED

KickStarter is a breeding ground for great and (sometimes) not so great iPhone accessory ideas. The latest to come to our attention is the myLED. Essentially, it’s an external LED that plugs in to your iPhone’s headset jack and becomes your very own notification beacon. I have to be honest, I almost didn’t post this because I personally hate the concept. But, that doesn’t mean that some of you won’t.

If using your camera’s flash as a notification light isn’t good enough, you can use this detachable option instead. The myLED works in co-operation with the myLED app, which you can use to select how you want to by alerted depending on which app is sending notifications. In theory, it’s a fantastic idea, I just think that the actual hardware could be redesigned so that it didn’t looked like you’d stolen a flashing light from the top of an emergency vehicle.

If you like it, head on over to the KickStarter page and pledge. The page has raised over $5,000 of the $18,000 so far, with 28 days to go at time of writing. You can pledge a minimum of $1, maximum pledge of only $15.

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  • Salo Merik

    where can i buy it

  • SJ

    Good idea but you need to tell people that you need to disable the light before you can answer a call or you can not hear the person.So extra step needed to just answer a call.