Wait is over! iTunes 11 is available now – go download

Apple – after weeks of delays – has finally updated iTunes to version 11. The newly redesigned software was shown off during the iPhone 5’s launch event, and yet it’s taken much longer than expected to get it right. It was originally going to be launched last month. There were fears that Apple wouldn’t meet the November promise. But, with only two days left to come good, it’s finally here. If you check in your Mac App Store, or check for updates on Windows, you will see the new version is available.

With the new version comes a much improved way of creating playlists. There’s a new dedicated pane on the right of the iTunes window that pops up which stays open until you’re done. Managing files on your iOS device is similar too. Everything is just much more fluid and intuitive. And, anything you’ve purchased through iTunes, past or presence will now show up within iTunes. Whether or not they’re actually on your computer makes no difference. You’ll also be able to pick up where you left off on any movie or TV show. Pretty near.

Right now, the update isn’t showing in the iTunes page on Apple’s site, but it will be there shortly. Hit this link to check.

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  • de_jonk

    One of the best designed applications I have seen for a long time. I’m glad Apple took their time to perfect itunes because they have really done a good job.

  • DarrenButz

    It’s pretty awesome, but I’m missing the “Date added” sorting option in the playlist (and others) view. It bothers me so much, I almost wish I didn’t update.