Redesign your home and lock screens with ScreenDIY [Review]

Not a fan of Apple’s design choices? In need of a change, but Apple’s pre-loaded wallpapers aren’t cutting it. ScreenDIY might have what you’re looking for. There’s no shortage of wallpaper apps in the App Store, but ScreenDIY enables you to customize everything from your background to app shelves and icon skins.

If you’re itching to customize your iPhone, ScreenDIY lets you create unique Lock screens and Home screens from a wide variety of professional wallpapers, shelves, frames, icon skins, and more. You can either choose from designs created by developers or you can start building your new look from the ground up.

ScreenDIY doesn’t offer an overwhelming amount of options (113 app shelves, 108 icon skins, and 152 backgrounds), but the designs range from abstract and holidays to illustrations and movie posters. If you’re in the mood for a quick change, I recommend browsing the app shelves, icon skins, or backgrounds from the three main menus.

From there, you can save the design you love, which will then be downloaded and saved to your iPhone’s camera roll. You can activate it by visiting the image, tapping the “more options” arrow, and selecting “Use as wallpaper” from the list. Depending on the design, you’ll want to specific whether it should be applied to your home screen or lock screen.

I tested a few different variations, but I found that my apps didn’t always line up correctly with the shelves or icon skins, making the design look awkward.

You can get even more detailed by visiting Lock DIY or Home DIY. Lock DIY is probably more entertaining than Home, as you can change so many different elements of the screen, highlighted below.

In this section you can mix and match backgrounds, calendars, and frames. You can also include photos from your Photo Library. When creating the Lock screen, you can preview what it will look like with the time, date, and slide to unlock image, or you can tap the button farthest to the right to remove those details (although I’m not sure why you would). If you’re happy with your design, save it and access it the same way you would any wallpaper. Then, apply it as your Lock screen and enjoy.

The downside to Lock DIY and Home DIY is that you have to swipe across the screen to view different options — unlike the other sections which provide you with a gallery to scroll through. I also wish there were more options of what to put in the middle of the lock screen. Currently there’s about 15 different calendar designs and a few random images, including broken glass, finger print scanners, and a floral wrap-around.

Personally, I don’t require this level of customization. Give me a sassy photo of President Obama or a cute picture of a puppy any day. However, if you regularly change your backgrounds and you’re into all the tweaks, designs, and options noted above, then I definitely recommend giving ScreenDIY a try.


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