Scammer sells woman a mirror for $200, claimed it was an iPad

We’ve all been there. Whether it be a street corner, a back alley, or – in the case of Jalonta Freeman – a gas station, dodgy deals are no rarity. The latest incident involves a man who approached a woman who was filling her car up with gas, claiming that he had many gadgets in his car that would make perfect Christmas presents. He presented the woman – Jalonta Freeman – with what appeared to be an iPad, which he claimed was worth $800. Freeman happily paid $200 for the object, and the man drove away swiftly.

When Freeman opened her ‘iPad’ box, she discovered that she paid through the nose for an iPad-sized mirror, that was simply duct taped to be (roughly) the same color as its Apple counterpart, and featured an Apple logo, that had been penciled in using a stencil.

Unsurprisingly, the victim of the crime has stated that she feels stupid, and that she’s been robbed, but has learned her lesson.

This leads me onto a piece of consumer advice that I presume is a given, but I’ll continue regardless, and that is that if a shady dude approaches you and tries to sell you anything, just say no, unless you really want to make a mildly humorous internet story.

If you fancy reveling in Ms. Freeman’s misfortune, check out her reaction video by clicking here.


Via: CultofMac

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