Rumor: Apple’s booting of Samsung Display kicks off iPad mini’s shortages

Apple has barely had time to blink since it decided to end business with Samsung Display, and it looks like that decision is already proving to be a bad move for those over in Cupertino. One of the two display suppliers that Apple uses isn’t meeting demand, which could potentially ruin Apple’s dream of an iPad mini Christmas.

Despite their history, Apple and Samsung have been doing business together for some time, with Samsung supplying displays for many of Apple’s products.Now that Apple is pulling away from its arch-rival, it appears that iPad mini supplies are dropping, since AU Optronics “continues to suffer from poor yields in the production of panels for the devices.”, according to DigiTimes.

This has made analysts change their projections for Apple’s tiny tablet from 10 million to 6-8 million units over the holiday season.

However, if you’re hoping to get your mits on an iPad mini over the holidays, don’t be disheartened, as there are still plenty out there, and just because Apple doesn’t have as much stock, it doesn’t mean that third party resellers don’t have the device available.


Via: Cult of Mac

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