LTE-equipped iPad 4 finally shipping

Earlier today we reported that Apple has started shipping the iPad mini “Wifi + Cellular” version, and now it seems that many buyers of the “Wifi + Cellular” 4th-gen iPad are receiving shipping confirmation emails as well.


Derek, a reader of AppleInsider was sent an email today from Apple which states that his 32GB Verizon iPad 4th-generation has now shipped from its factory in Chengdu, China. He ordered his iPad only five minutes into the pre-order on October 26th, and it’s scheduled to arrive by the 16th of November (this Friday).¬†Interestingly, the only units that have been confirmed as shipped are US CDMA (Verizon). No customers have reported yet that their GSM iPads have been shipped.

Have any of you gotten a shipping confirmation from Apple for one of its latest toys? Let us know in the comments section below!

Via: AppleInsider

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  • Jon

    Yes, I had an iPad 4th gen ordered 10/29 – and I was told on 11/12 that it had left Chengdu – but had an arrival date of the 19th. There seem to be some logistical problems for Apple as an extra lightning adapter shipped Shenzhen – and arrived 2 business days later. My iPad seems to be 5 business days. There must be so many plane loads of iPads that it takes longer than usual.
    Also, my iPad 4 is also a Verizon model. I wonder when the AT&T versions will ship.

  • Cgordon

    My iPad 4 for Verizon also shipped yesterday. Apple says that is will be delivered the 16th but the fedx tracking says it will be delivered the 19th. Not sure which is correct. Really hoping Apple!