iPhone now a first choice for most businesses, taking the crown from BlackBerry

We’re always hearing about how RIM is slowly dying, and that more and more businesses are choosing iPhones over BlackBerrys for their employees. Now, the iPhone is the first choice for most businesses, taking over the spot that the BlackBerry once held.

This doesn’t apply for the devices used in bring your own device schemes, or ’employee liable’ devices, only smartphones provided by a company, or ‘corporate liable’ devices.

Projections from IDC show that by the end of 2012, Android powered devices will be accountable for 87.7 million corporate liable smartphones, an impressive number, but not when you consider that it has also been predicted that Apple’s iPhone will take up 37.1 million of the corporate liable devices out there. Now, before any Android fanboys say “but there are clearly more Android devices”, allow me to remind you that there are hundreds, possibly thousands of Android smartphones available right now. To put this in perspective, there are 3 iPhones currently on sale. So, although iOS is not the most popular operating system, the iPhone is the most popular device among businesses.

So what about the old favorite, the BlackBerry? Well, last year it was the top dog, with companies buying 22.4 million devices, and since more and more people are choosing other devices over BlackBerrys, expect that number to be lower by the end of the year.

IDC has also predicted that in 2016, 68.9 iPhones will be sold to companies, an incredible increase over just four years.

One of the things that has caused this amazing rate of adoption is the iPhone’s impeccable security. In-fact, Apple’s smartphone is so secure that the UK government has deemed it good enough for low-level national security documents, an incredible feat for a consumer device.


Via: ZDNet 

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  • _leepaul

    68.9 iPhones? Seems legit. Excuse me while I go cut the top half off my iPhone 4.

  • Cameron Buchan

    Haha, nice spot, 68.9 million ;-)