iPhone 5S won’t be released until Mid-2013 according to most recent rumor

As usual, it’s taken very little time after an iDevice launch for the rumor mill to begin spinning off speculation about the next one. We’d read rumors last week – that we didn’t much believe – that the iPhone and iPad could be updated in the first half of next year. There was also talk of an Apple TV, which didn’t take long to shoot down.

Today the usual culprit, DigiTimes has heard that production of the next iPhone is set be ramped up around April/May time, which could mean Apple is reverting back to its traditional June/July launch timeframe. Little is known yet about the 7th generation iPhone, but if past history is anything to go by, it’s probably going to be an iPhone 5 with performance/speed enhancements. The iPhone “5S” will most likely just be a faster version of the current device.

“Apple is expected to introduce its next-generation iPad and iPhone series around the middle of 2013 … Component orders placed by Apple, which climbed to high levels prior to the iPhone 5 rollout, will rise again between March and April, the observers indicated.”

(Side note: S did not stand for Siri officially with the iPhone 4S. That was an unofficial comment made by a blog. S stands for Speed, so it makes complete sense that a boosted iPhone 5 would be called the 5S.)

With DigiTimes’ most recent history being less than accurate when it comes to rumors, it’s hard to say how likely it is that the rumor becomes fact. My gut feeling is that we’re not going to see another iPhone until September/October. That’s not based on any knowledge, calculations or analysis of the market. However, it would annoy a lot of people if their iPhone 5 was outdated only 9 months in to its release. Perhaps I’m wrong. We’ll see in time.

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Via: AppAdvice, DigiTimes

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  • DrewPage

    well, it stands to reason that if Apple had the iPhone 3gs, and then the 4, and then the 4s, that they will have the 5s after the 5.  Its their development cycle.  They do a total redesign every two years and a refresh the other year (the S).

  • ShanaWinbush

    Is it worth waiting for the iPhone 5S instead of getting the iPhone 5? I don’t see really that much of a change but a new A6X chip, maybe finally a better camera, and iOS 7. It’s going to look exactly like the same phone. What would you do? Save the money and just get the iPhone 5 or try to wait patiently for the iPhone 5S just to be upset knowing the iPhone 6 will come out the next year and you just upgraded a new two year agreement? Decisions!

  • DrewPage

    @ShanaWinbush  Get the iPhone 5 now.  As is Apple’s custom, they introduce a completely new model every two years, so next year will just be a minor refresh.  You certainly won’t be disappointed.  Its so much better than the already great 4S in almost every way.   In fact, it beats all but the most high end Android phone easily (like the new HTC DNA).

  • ShanaWinbush

    @DrewPage @ShanaWinbush yeah I agree. That way I won’t be upset and I’m getting tired of how slow my iPhone 4 is and I’m ready to experience 4G on Verizon and a faster processor.

  • ChristopherEdwards

    I don’t think this is accurate. Sure Samsung releases many phones during the years,but they don’t release many Galaxy IIIs. They have multiple models that they upgrade, not one like Apple does. Maybe Apple will release a higher end version called the 5x or something, but to upgrade the iPhone just 6 months after a major upgrade would be idiotic.
    The strength of Apple’s products has been they release something wonderful and then they have 1 year or so before the next one comes out. This allowed them to make sure everything worked as it should. Releasing multiple upgrades during the years put them on a very difficult path and sets them up to fails and release “minor” upgrades each time.
    Apple needs to take their time and release something amazing, not play catch-up to Samsung. Catch-up isn’t Apple’s game. 
    On the subject of the next iPhone, Apple may find that they HAVE to increase the size of the form factor just to accomodate all of the features of the competitors.

  • GeorgeMillhouse

    @DrewPage  @ShanaWinbush  fanboy  much?

  • GeorgeMillhouse

    @DrewPage you mean milking it for all its worth?