iPhone 5 and BlackBerry 10 device caught posing side-by-side [photo]

Everyone who’s been following me long enough knows that I’m secretly a bit of a BlackBerry fanboy. There’s not been a time without a BBerry device in my house in the past 4 years. It’s only in the past 6 months that I’ve stopped using my Bold 9700 for work emails. So, I genuinely mean it when I say that I hope that BB10’s launch early next year saves the company from almost certain doom.

TechCrunch posted an image earlier of an unnamed/unreleased BlackBerry 10 device posing next to an iPhone 5. From the blurrycam image, you can make out that the device is slightly wider and longer than the 6th gen iPhone. Most of the surface is covered in glass. The only thing that spoils the minimalist look is the obvious “BlackBerry” logo right in the middle. There doesn’t appear to be any buttons whatsoever on the front, suggesting that BB10 will be controlled solely using on-screen gestures.

RIM is expected to release BB10 to the public in February next year, and finally announce what it’s been working on for the past few years in its bunker in Canada. Although we won’t be covering it here, you can be sure I’ll be taking an interest, so be sure to follow me on twitter: @TiP_Cam.

Via: TechCrunch 

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  • AustenMiller

    Wow Apple.. even BLACKBERRY could possibly pass you up.. get your butts in gear for the new year!

  • DarrenButz

    Is that the front of the BB? It seriously looks like the back of the iPhone 5, minus the BB logo.