“iPad mini infringes eight of our patents” claims Samsung

What’s that? You want to hear about more lawsuits? Fantastic.

Today brings another development in the ongoing patent-slog between Apple and Samsung. The latest reports suggest that Samsung has filed papers claiming that Apple’s iPad mini infringes eight of its technology patents. The move puts this device onto a list that appears to be lengthening daily. The list already includes devices like the latest iPod and iPad, both of which Samsung claims infringe radio signalling technologies that  Samsung has patented.

Following their huge loss a couple of months ago in the courtroom, things seems to be turning around for Samsung, as this week a judge ordered Apple to disclose the financial details of its licensing deal with HTC “without delay”. That information is vital because Samsung claims it is “almost certain” that Apple’s deal with HTC involves the same patents that are disputed between Apple and Samsung. If that notion is found to be true, it could determine the outcome of the trial.

Would you like to see a fair verdict reached in court? Or would you prefer to see Apple and Samsung strike up a deal similar to Cupertino’s agreement with HTC? Leave your comments below!


Via: The Daily Mail

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    Samsung can keep adding things to the list and apple may or may not have used patented tech but Samsung wouldn’t have the thriving handset market it has now had they not ripped the iPhone design off. Settle in court so it can be resolved and they can get back to making brilliant tech and not drag each others names through the mud

  • MuhammadMarsh

    Apple started all this crap with the claim of owning patents on rectangles with rounded corners. And since then, they’ve become nothing but a patent troll in hopes to hold back the competition from making innovations in technology faster than they can. I hope Samsung hits them where it hurts.

  • pld940

    Samsung, please stop being a baby!

  • HansKwazneski

    @pld940 ….Seriously? Samsungs being a baby?

  • DannyDonkt

    @pld940 Yeah, because when Apple did this, it’s was being truthful…

  • HansKwazneski

    @pld940 And Samsung would really go to court over false information right? Jesus. Guess I should expect this when posting on a Apple page. (btw, I <3 my Macbook, just not an Apple extremists like some of you)

  • MuhammadMarsh

    @pld940: The baby here is Apple. They’re the ones that started bulling Samsung in order to slow them down from pushing technology to fast. Apple is afraid that Samsung will use up all the ideas and make innovations to quickly for them to keep up.


    Tech ideas won’t run out people will always come up with something new. But apple had the game changer and Samsung copied it. I think apple have every right to be pissed off