id America’s Hue for iPad oozes minimalism and style, practical too [Review]

Finding the perfect case for an iPad is a seemingly impossible task. Personally, I always find that I always change my mind about what I need. This could depend on mood or the task I know is before me. When it comes to rear shells, it seems ludicrous that any company should release one without the ability to use a Smart Cover as well. Thankfully, that’s not an issue with the modern pastel-colored Hue case by id America.

The New York based company lends from its home with its stylish, straight-lined logo, which fits perfectly with the minimalist, single-colored shell. The inside of Hue is a shiny plastic (which comes shipped with its own protective film), whereas the outside is the complete opposite. The soft-touch exterior is a delight to touch and look at it. The combination of texture and precise cutouts and holes gives a really classy and premium look and feel. It also doesn’t attract fingerprints which is a huge plus for me.

As usual, everything you need access to is exposed: dock connector, camera, mute/volume switches, power/lock key and microphones. Thanks to the slimness of the case, everything is easy to get to. It seems odd to go one about the cutouts, but, they’re finished with such style it’s hard to ignore. Each one is accurately placed, and has a gently slanted edge.

The shell fits really well too. It clips in to place with a little force, but once it’s there, it’s like your iPad belongs inside the Hue. One of the biggest advantages from a practical side is that your Smart Cover will still fit. And – unlike other Smart Cover compatible cases – it doesn’t have a hinge cover, so it doesn’t matter which one you apply or remove first. You can take off the Smart Cover as easily as if the case wasn’t even there. And, the case doesn’t look ridiculous without the Smart Cover.

One of my favorite things about id America’s Hue is also one of my least favorite: the color. There are 6 to choose from: gray, pink, violet, blue, green and white. As much as I love the various pastel colors independently, only 3 of them match the colors of Apple’s Smart Cover. Now, if you’re creative and like off-setting colors that go well against each other, that’s fine. But, if you have a red, black, blue, navy, light grey, tan or cream Smart Cover, you’re going to struggle if you like to matchy-matchy.

Now, sure, I’m being incredibly harsh and nit-picky on the color-issue. But, the folks at id America should take that as a compliment. That means there’s nothing majorly wrong with the case. In fact, it’s by far my favorite rear shell on the market. The material, design, thinness and texture are all to be admired, leaving me with nothing to complain about except the fact that it doesn’t quite match my Smart Cover. In short, I’m just sad that I didn’t get sent a green one.

All in all it’s a fantastic case, and is an example to some of the other manufacturers who think they can just churn out plastic cutouts that vaguely fit the 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads and get praise. This is how you do it! At $29.95, the price for the quality you get in return is a steal. I’d only complain about price on this offering if it was approaching the $40 mark, which I’d still most likely pay for this.

If you’re impressed, and want to order a Hue,  head on over to id America’s online store.


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  • Tablet2Cases1

    You make an excellent point about the pastel colors not being a great match with the Smart Cover. But all in all, this is indeed a quality back protector design.