“Has Apple lost its Shine” Nightline “doomsday” vid making the rounds [video]

If any of you have been watching the stock markets recently, you’ll have noticed AAPL’s downward trend. Earlier in the year, it was predicted by analysts that the company’s stock would increase up to an unprecedented high of $1000 per share by next year giving it a market value of $1 trillion. With the price hitting $700 by the time the iPhone 5 was announced, it looked a sure thing. But, that was the company’s peak, at least, that’s what the media would have us believe. In what seems to be some sort of concerted effort to get Apple’s stock down, many high reputation sites are claiming that Apple has only one way to go: down. Both The Guardian and Seeking Alpha have both published articles of late condemning our favorite company to a future of downward spiraling stock prices and  intense competition from Samsung and Microsoft.

On the positive side, thankfully, this news doesn’t mean the iPhone is any less popular, or Apple suddenly doesn’t have billions in assets in the bank. Having sold 5 million iPhone 5s in the opening weekend, and 3 million iPad minis and 4th generation models, Cupertino is still making lots of money. It’s more likely – in fact – that the stock market is responding to the fact that analyst’s expectations aren’t being met. So, don’t go worrying until you stop seeing iPhones flying off shelves. Right now, the only competition around for the iPhone is the Galaxy SIII in terms of sales.

What do you make of all this? Is it just hype intended to damage Apple’s reputation? Or is it just the over-inflated market value decreasing to a more realistic figure?

Via: 9to5Mac

P.S. Let’s stop all this “Apple’s down now because Steve Jobs isn’t here anymore” baloney. The fact is – Steve got the current team in place because they’re the best at what they do, they have his values instilled. And with Jony Ive in his new role, Apple’s future is bright.

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  • PhoneDog_Taylor

    Jobs may have hired only the best and put the people he thought would best serve in a position after his passing. But let’s be clear, most people who knew Jobs and Apple personally have commented on how he dipped his hands into everything. Most CEOs are very hands-off. Jobs wasn’t. Cook, I imagine, is.
    I’m not saying they’re going belly up. But they are entering a bear market and struggling to innovate and lead. That’s not surprising by any means.