“Googorola”: Apple’s patent claims “dismissed…with prejudice”

Google (and therefore Motorola) has just issued a statement indicating that a case against Apple in a Wisconsin federal court has just been dismissed “with prejudice.” According to the report, Apple brought this case forward to try and determine “fair and reasonable” licensing terms for the Motorola patents acquired by Google through that ordeal. The statement Google is as follows:

We’re pleased that the court has dismissed Apple’s lawsuit with prejudice. Motorola has long offered licensing to our extensive patent portfolio at a reasonable and non-discriminatory rate in line with industry standards. We remain interested in reaching an agreement with Apple.

What this means, as Reuters explains, is that at a trial court level, this is over. However, there is always the appeal. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear about an appeal in the next few days coming out of Cupertino.

What do you think? Surprised they couldn’t reach an agreement? Not surprised? Let us know in the comments.


Via: 9to5Mac, Reuters

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