Good riddance! OpenFeint is shutting down.

If you remember, in the early days of iOS gaming, a social gaming platform names OpenFeint would pop up in various games with its huge green “Enable OpenFeint” right next to the ridiculous and irritating “I don’t want these awesome features” option. And – as you can tell by my tone in the title of this article – I was less than keen on it. Firstly, it would pop up every single time I opened specific apps. It always forgot my login details, rendering it useless. Not to mention, the “I don’t want these awesome features” was just begging to be pressed.

With the emergence of Game Center, there’s little point in OpenFeint. Many of the features are the same, and Game Center runs in the background, with no popups. That said, it’s not all good. Developers who have currently built OpenFeint in to their games have only one month to move away, which will mean that most will have stop making new content for the next few weeks to work solely on removing the OpenFeint elements from within their games. So, if you were hoping for a Santa Claus farting soundboard this year, you’ll probably not be in luck. As noted by TouchArcade:

““Developers have until December 14th to migrate away from OpenFeint, at which point it’ll be offline forever. Even under normal circumstances this sort of deadline would be pretty crazy, but it’s especially insane now given the massive influx of developers working around the clock to get their apps and games submitted before the cutoff to have them approved and on the App Store before the iTunes holiday freeze.”

Although the social platform was the bane of my iOS gaming life, it was very popular and had over 180 million users, and will be missed by many. Not me though. I’m all smiles. By the time the holiday season is over, I’ll never have to look at that annoying green and grey popup again.

Were you a regular user of OpenFeint? Are you sad to see it go?

Via: TouchArcade, iDownloadBlog, MacRumors

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