First official Lightning speaker docks launched by JBL

For music lovers, the most annoying part of Apple’s switch to its Lightning connector has been that fact that there are no speaker docks compatible with it. Well, today, that’s changed, thanks to Harman, that has released the first two official Lightning speaker docks under its JBL division, just in time for the holiday season.

The first of the docks is called the OnBeat Micro. It costs $99.95 and is compatible with the iPhone 5 and Lightning iPods. If you want a dock for your brand new iPad mini or iPad 4, then you’ll have to fork out an extra $100 for JBL’s OnBeat Venue.

In-case you’re slightly apprehensive about the devices, Engadget’s small review of them should get your mouth watering:

“Based on a quick listening session, we can report that the Venue LT sounded very full and clear. Even with the optional bass- or vocal-boosts enabled, it didn’t seem like the speakers were having trouble pushing out a high level of volume. The Micro on the other hand sounded decidedly tinny, which we’re frankly not surprised about given the size. Both systems are compatible with JBL’s MusicFlow app as well, giving you some extended options for tweaking the EQ.”

If you’re not taken with JBL’s speaker docks, don’t worry, because the floodgates are open for every other manufacturer to release their – possibly cheaper – Lightning speaker docks, just watch this space.


Via: MacRumors


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