Design patents for iPad Smart Case and page turning animation won by Apple

Whenever I hear the words ‘Apple’ and ‘patent’ in the same sentence, I can’t help but yawn. Patents never make exciting news, nor are they even remotely interesting, but nevertheless, here are two of the latest design patents to be won by the Cupertino company.

The first is an animation that we’ve seen a lot in iOS since iBooks was launched, and something that had a patent filed for it way back in December 2011, but has only just been accepted. The animation is one that I’m sure every iOS user is familiar with; it’s the page turning animation that mimics the curl of a page of an actual book when a horizontal scrolling motion is made by the device user (basically, the little ‘page turning’ effect when scrolling in iBooks).

This patent has been won just after Apple has incorporated the effect heavily in iOS 6, with it featuring in apps such as Maps and, for the iPad, Calendar.

The other design patent that has been awarded to Apple is one for the iPad’s Smart Case which was released a while back, when the third generation iPad was released. The Smart Case is not dissimilar to its older brother, the Smart Cover, in-fact, the two are remarkably alike; the both feature magnetic sensor that allows the screen to sense when the cover is ‘open’ and ‘closed’, and both also include a cover that (of course) covers the screen.

The difference is that the Smart Case also protects the back of the iPad, whereas the Smart Cover clings to edge of the device, leaving the aluminum back of the iPad exposed.


Via: Apple Insider

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