Atari releases official Pong game for iOS

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pong, Ataria has released an official Pong game for iOS.

Featuring 2D graphics, Pong was one of the earliest arcade video games, and one of the first to reach mainstream popularity. Released in 1972, the aim of the game was to defeat your opponent in a simple game of table tennis, using your paddle to battle your simulated opponent. The simplicity of the game made it mind-blowingly addictive to play, consisting of 2 paddles, a ball and a dotted line.


Now Pong is back, it’s better than ever, and best of all, it’s free. The new look game, optimised for iPhone 5 promises a host of inspiring and fun new features based on the timeless classic. There are now 3 game modes, Conquest, Survival, and most exciting of all, Two-Player Battle.

“Pong World introduces a new generation to the classic game of PONG® with a dazzling unique twist and colorful new look. Explore Pong World by defeating opponents while collecting all five paddle creatures; Shaggy, Chompers, Sir Bouncelot, Razzle and Gnop to help you in your journey for domination. Each paddle is equipped with unique upgrades and powers. Unlock 4 different locations, each equipped with unique features — summon a wall of energy to block your opponent’s ball, hinder your enemy’s vision and much more!”

iPhone Screenshot 5iPhone Screenshot 1iPhone Screenshot 4

Naturally, this might be a little overwhelming for some, so you can always play the original in Atari’s Greatest hits. But for those looking for something fresh, new and exciting, this is definitely an app to consider. It’s available on the iPhone and the iPad now!