Artist traces gestures required to complete ‘Angry Birds’

Have you ever thought that you have too much time on your hands? Clearly, artist Evan Roth has, because he’s the man who decided to trace every single gesture required to complete the uber-popular iOS game Angry Birds for his latest art installation.

Roth made a visual recount of his efforts to complete the game, using over 300 pieces of tracing paper and a hell of a lot of time. It’s pretty cool to look at the different gestures that we’re so familiar with on our iPhone’s display, and how alien they look without the colorful backdrop that Angry Birds has.

Roth explains his art in this statement:

“The series is a comment on computing and identity, but also creates an archive of this moment in history where we have started to manipulate pixels directly through gestures that we were unfamiliar with just over 5 years ago. In the end, the viewer is presented with a black and white representation of the gestures that have been prescribed to us in the form of user interaction design.”

If you want more from Roth, check out the video of his work below:


Via: Tech Crunch


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