Are component issues to blame for Apple HDTV delay?

Now that the iPad mini is on the market, the Apple-branded HDTV is the only mystical will-they-won’t-they rumor out there. And despite the fact that there has been no concrete evidence that such a device does or will ever exist, analyst Gene Munster insists that the world will be treated to an iTV, and the only reason we won’t see it this January is component issues. According to Business Insider, Munster spoke at the company’s IGNITION Conference in New York and explained the delay of the Apple HDTV.

“Speaking at our IGNITION conference this year, Munster said he spoke with sources in the Asian supply chain about Apple’s television plans. Those sources said that Apple had requested a specific type of screen for a TV, an indium gallium zinc oxide or IGZO screen. Manufacturers were having trouble making that screen for a big-screen TV.”

If this is true, it certainly makes sense. With such new technology, it would presumably be very difficult to mass produce these screens for a small device, let alone a big-screen television. And of course, as Cult of Mac points out, the issues with the IGZO screen aren’t the only things keeping an Apple HDVT from store shelves. Licensing issues still need to be worked out, among a host of other things.

Munster has a pretty good reputation, but he’s had to revise his Apple HDTV predictions quite a few times. It seems like he might not have as much insight on the topic as he would lead us to believe. What do you guys think?


Via: Cult of Mac

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