Apple’s trademark settlement has seen Chinese iPad sales rocket

You may or may not be aware of Apple’s recent lawsuit with Proview, which owned the trademark for ‘IPAD’ in China before Apple launched its tablet. Well, the dispute settled not long ago, with Apple paying the Chinese company a cool $60 million for the trademark. Now – according to IDC analyst Dickie Chang – sales of the iPad in China for quarter 3 are up 80%, rocketing from 1.15 million (in Q2) to 2.07 million devices sold.

Chang reckons that the resolution of the Proview dispute is the reason for the sales increase, but since Apple’s 3rd generation iPad has only been available in China since July 20, the sales boom could be put down to Apple’s delayed iPad launch in the region.

Apple is still yet to release its iPad 4 and iPad mini range in China, leaving room for improvement in its Q4 sales in China. Many are speculating a December release for the device in the region, but no word has come from Apple yet.

Currently, 15% of Apple’s revenue comes from China, but expect that share to grow with the Chinese launch of Apple’s new iPads and iPhone 5 just around the corner.


Via: Tech Crunch 

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