Apple forced to negotiate with Harley-Davidson for use of “Lightning” trademark

We hear frequently of Apple buying the rights to use trademarked names for its products. iPhone and iPad are two of the most well-known cases. But, to go alongside its Thunderbolt connector trademark, the perfect name for the smaller iOS device connector was obviously Lightning. Unsurprisingly it was a name already registered, and not just by a patent troll in Asia. Lightning was a name owned by the most well-known motorbike manufacturers in the world: Harley-Davidson.

Interestingly, the trademark was a very universal one. If it wanted, Harley could have used it to create all kinds of products ranging from computers to exhaust systems. So, Apple applied for a “partial transfer” meaning that “HD” could use it for anything other than consumer electronics.

Via: Gizmodo
Source: Patently Apple 

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