4th gen iPad with Retina gets iFixit teardown treatment – LG display in the house

Battery is just as huge as the iPad 3

Yesterday we watched as iFixit took to the iPad mini with its infamous tool kit, including tiny screw drivers, plectrums and a heat gun. The smaller tablet proved a handful to take apart once the display unit was removed, getting a repairability score of just 2/10. Afterwards, the same company took apart the big brother: the Lightning equipped iPad with Retina.

As expected, many of the parts inside the 4th generation iPad were the same as the 3rd gen. The only big changes were the Lightning port, and the A6X chip which – according to recent benchmark results – is more than twice as powerful as the A5X found in the “new iPad”. We’d heard previously that Samsung plans to reduce iPad display shipments to Apple next year, which explains why the fourth generation was found playing host to an LG produced panel. Although there is a smaller port in the device, Apple didn’t use the extra space for anything constructive, instead opted to fit the Lightning connector to the same-sized frame.

To check out iFixit’s findings in more depth, head on over to the teardown process page. It always makes for interesting reading. The final result – 2/10 repairability score, just like its tiny sibling.

Via: 9to5MacĀ 


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