Weather Puppy is raining “awwws” [Review]

While there’s no shortage of weather apps available in the App Store, Weather Puppy is by far the cutest. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a dog lover. The app has climbed to the #5 free iPhone weather app spot within two days of its launch. (It has since fallen to #64, but I suspect Hurricane Sandy has something to do with that.)

Weather Puppy, like most weather apps, provides you with important details about the forecast in your area, but it does so while showing off a sun-loving pup or a chilled pooch snuggled under a blanket. The app has two free themes, Outdoorsy and Glamour, but you can purchase other available themes — like Halloween and Fall Colors — for $.99. You can also upload up to seven images of your own dog.

Also setting Weather Puppy apart from other weather apps is the 13 different charities behind it. Weather Puppy has partnered with Paws4You Animal Rescue in Miami, the Pennsylvania SPCA, San Diego Humane Society, San Antonio Human Society, Austin Humane Society, Tampa SPCA, The Anti-Cruelty Society (Chicago), Broward Humane Society (Ft. Lauderdale), Animal Humane New Mexico, Humane Society of Utah, Detroit Dog Rescue, Animal Haven Shelter (NYC), and Mohawk Humane Society (NY).

“In addition to other support, the big game changer for the charities is that most are going to sell their own branded themes within the app, giving them a way to fundraise by selling digital content,” explained Suraj Hemnani, Weather Puppy’s co-founder. “Most already fundraise by selling physical calendars so this is an easy progression for them and one that opens them up to donors across the country.”

If you’ve ever used a weather app, then Weather Puppy will seem extremely user-friendly. The main screen displays the current weather in your area as well as a three-day future forecast, including highs and lows. You can switch between locations by swiping left or right, and you can add more by tapping the gears icon in the top right corner. If you’d like to change your theme, tap on the dog icon.

You can also help to create awareness for the app and it’s partner charities by sharing the puppy (Who really cares about the weather?) with your friends on Twitter or Facebook. Tapping on either icon will bring up a text box and a thumbnail version of your current screen/weather/puppy. You can post to both Twitter and Facebook in one step by tapping the checkmark by both social networks.

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