The Beatles’ Apple Corps Logo now owned by Apple

Although I’m not a huge fan of The Beatles (I know, shoot me), that doesn’t mean to say I don’t recognize the band’s significance in the development of what we know now as pop, or rock and roll music. For a long time, the band operated under the record label, Apple Corps. For donkey’s years Apple Corps and Apple (our favorite tech firm) battled in and out of court over rights to the name “Apple”. Needless to say, it was a happy day for every Beatles-loving iPod, iPhone or iPad owner when the legal dispute was settled and the band’s influential music was finally released on iTunes.

The relationship has taken another turn recently, as revealed by the Canadian IP office. Apple now legally owns the Apple Corps logo. This means in turn that Apple Corps have had to agree a licensing deal to use it. Also, as reported by Mashable:

Apple filed for the Apple Corps logo trademark in Europe under 14 International Classifications covering, among other matters, computer hardware, online social networking services, mobile phones, musical instruments, games, clothing/headgear and advertising.

So, our favorite fruit company has successfully and almost fully trademarked its name, logo and will undoubtedly take anyone to court who tries to use something similar. That said, I’m interested to see how the ins-and-outs of the licensing deal works with the original Apple Corps multimedia company.

Via: Mashable

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  • BrianHanifin

    Why in the world would the Beatles have any motivation for doing so? And why is this important for Apple to do this? I hope they don’t ever use this logo on any marketing (unless it is for Beatles music).

  • Residentsteve

    Can’t stand the Beatles to, they suck.