Survey concludes that only 10% of iPhone 5 users have a problem with Apple Maps

We’ve heard many moans and groans about Apple’s wretched new Maps application. Well, if you use an iPhone 5 and are among the haters of Apple’s wretched Maps service, then you’re against the vast majority of iPhone 5 users, according to a survey conducted by ChangeWave Research.

According to ChangeWave Research, a seemingly tiny 10% of iPhone 5 users actually have an issue with Apple Maps, the remaining 90% of users “haven’t experienced any problem” with it. In-fact, just 3% of iPhone 5 users that were surveyed claimed that the Maps application is a very big problem.

An incredible one-in-three consumers plan to buy the iPhone 5 in the future, according to the survey. It was also discovered that 31% of consumers felt that the new Lighting connector in the iPhone 5 would be “somewhat of a problem” to switch to (from a different device).


Via: 9to5Mac

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  • DrewPage

    A shocker!  I personally have no problems with Maps here in Central Pennsylvania.

  • Bjornx

    Are they drunk or what, oh sorry, it’s an American hompage that think US is the world. Start look outside your country. Nothing is correct in Sweden or Germany and Italy!!!!! Wake up and get real. Apples map are worthless unless you live in US……

  • tadarida565

    @Bjornx You really think we dont know that? Not everyone thinks the same way you know.

  • Guest911

    This isn’t surprising news for anyone with a brain. Maps are an issue but are not the central component of any phone, including Androids. A big waaaah.

  • Guest123abc

    I question the validity of the survey. They need to explain who was sampled, the sample size, questions asked and survey method. Since none of that was explained in the article I question the validity. If the people sampled did not use the maps application to the extent that others have, it would be fair to say they were not experiencing problems (due to lack of use). The survey should ask how often the application was used and for what purposes (search, poi, street view, directions, etc).
    With apple making a public statement and apologizing about they maps application, that further proves there is an inherent problem greater that 10% of users.