Samsung vs. Apple $1bn court decision in doubt – Galaxy makers “discover” jury foreman bias

Velvin Hogan, the jury foreman during the huge Apple vs. Samsung court case has come under a lot of stick since the $1 billion decision was made. Obviously, most of the criticism comes from those siding with Android and/or Samsung. It’s understandable. Whatever your bias, the decision is a big one to have made and often he did make it sound as if he was persuading the unsure jurors to side with his opinion. That’s not to say that it isn’t clear from the leaked R&D paperwork that Samsung wanted to make TouchWiz much more like iOS.

Apparently, some new evidence has come to light. Velvin Hogan was once employed by a company called Seagate, whose largest shareholder is a certain Korean tech manufacturer: Samsung. Mr. Hogan allegedly failed to disclose this “vital” piece of information during the initial jury selections. As a result of this discovery, Sammy is now attempting to throw out the entire case. And, when you’re looking at losing $1 billion, why wouldn’t you?! I’d certainly be kicking against it with everything I had.

I’m not sure what will come of this. If the evidence is enough to throw Judge Koh’s final decision off course. Something tells me she’s already sick to the back teeth of all this, and will likely accuse Samsung of underhanded tactics. Who knows? I could understand if he was a former Apple employee. But, Seagate? It’d be like throwing the court case out because he’d once cleaned windows at the Pixar Animation studios.

Via: WSJ

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  • Bratty

    Nothing will come from this. Samsung has to try everything (dont blame them) but too many “stalling” tactics could make the judge 3x the damages – as under the law and as requested by Apple. Plus had Samsung proven their case, the foreman could have sided with Apple but it would have been a hung jury. Samsung blew it. Time to pay up.